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Seventeen's 'Attacca' is now the group's 5th 'Million-Seller' album, 5 days after release Seventeen's 9th mini album 'Attacca' has officially hit 1,152,351 copies in album sales!   Released back on October 22, Seventeen's 'Attacca' has reached the one million sales milestone approximately 5 days after its initial release, according to Hanteo chart. The album now marks Seventeen's [...]
Meet ADORA: The Former Big Hit Producer Who’s About To Make Her Solo Debut She’s finally debuting as a singer! If you’re a fan of BTS or TXT, odds are you’ve heard ADORA‘s work before, even if you didn’t know it! The former in-house producer for Big Hit Music contributed to numerous songs by both groups, including Suga‘s solo song “Seesaw,” BTS’s “134340,” [...]

Colombia’s New Pop Wave: 5 Artists You Should Know Colombia has given us many talented artists over the years: Shakira, Carlos Vives, J Balvin, Maluma to name a few. While Reggaeton is still at the forefront for Latin music worldwide, we want to highlight this Latin Heritage Month five artists that are leading the next […]

15 Australian Singers and Bands Who Made It Big in America FlourishAnyway believes there is a playlist for just about any situation and is on a mission to unite and entertain the world through song. Australia has given the world koalas, kangaroos, Vegemite, and great popular musicians. How many singers and bands from the land [...]

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