Selena Gomez es una de las cantantes y actrices más queridas. Aún así, no se libra de las críticas dañinas que cuestionan su físico. Esto es precisamente lo que le ocurrió en la alfombra roja de los Globos de Oro 2023 durante el pasado mes de enero: debido a una enfermedad que le fue diagnosticada en 2015, el lupus, sigue […]

  The role of Brendan Fraser in ‘The Whale’ has been criticized because the actor is not gay and does not weigh 600 pounds like his character Charlie, in addition to some voices calling the film fatphobic. However, the performance, emotional message and physical transformation in ‘The Whale’ has also earned Brendan Fraser standing ovations, […]

Chloe Bailey didn’t let the haters stop her from releasing her new single with Chris Brown … pushing it out with a new music video that’s already gotten hundreds of thousands of views. Chloe and Chris’ “How Does it Feel” dropped Friday, and in a complete reversal from last week, most of the comments in Chloe’s Twitter feed […]

Pink bonds with Drew Barrymore over wild ‘backstories’ Pink and Drew Barrymore bonded over making “terrible decisions” as young women during a recent interview. As part of the latest episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, Pink – real name Alecia Moore – recalled how she wrote her first book report on Drew’s 1990 biography Little […]

Let’s Take a Walk Down Memory Lane With These Long Lost One-Hit Wonders of the 2000s, Shall We? Still trying to erase Baha Men’s “Who Let the Dogs Out” from my memory. 😪 RAYDENE HANSEN Say whatever the hell you want about the 2000s—they were a mess, everyone lacked a fashion sense, the frosty makeup […]

A  TOPCHARTSHOW tribute giving to all the greatest artists and pop stars  We are enlisting world’s most renowned and most popular music icons who lead the world on spreading positive energies and soul refreshing songs. to name a few scroll down the page and don’t forget to leave your comments. World’s Top Singers Whose Music […]

David Crosby was working on a new album before his death David Crosby was working on new music and planned to tour before his death. The rock legend – who was a founding member of the Byrds and Crosby, Stills and Nash – passed away on January 18, aged 81, following a “long illness”. However, […]

Ozzy Osbourne has not ruled out touring in the future, despite his recent retirement announcement. In January, the former Black Sabbath frontman announced that he had cancelled all of his upcoming shows and was retiring from touring because he is “not physically capable” of putting on shows night after night due to a string of […]

Quien es realmente María José… (Majo): Sus raíces musicales vienen de quien? De donde, como iniciaste en el mundo artístico? Mi familia está llenita de música. Mi abuelo paterno en su juventud fue trompetista y barítono en el coro de su pueblo. Y mi mamá es amante folclor colombiano, lo que me ha motivado desde chiquita [...]
OLIVIA CASTRIOTA NYC POWERHOUSE How to define, someone that can´t be defined? hot to try to describe a voice that can´t be described? ..Powerful, Sweet,Strong,accurate, we know OLIVIA CASTRIOTA! 1) who is OC? A powerhouse badass vocalist with a touch of anxious tendencies. 2) How do you define your music? Powerful, Sultry, Honest, Relatable, Catchy [...]

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