The Roads Below ,Nashville USA   The Roads Below is new to the Nashville music scene, but not wasting any time. After self-releasing their debut single, “I Want Us”, the track instantly gained attention, garnering over 7 Million streams without any major promotion or playlists. The catchy, pop country singles, “Good At It” and “Bonfire” […]

Hyolyn drops sensual new single ‘Layin’ Low’, featuring Jooyoung The song is out now, after a two month delay Former SISTAR member Hyolyn has officially dropped her latest single, ‘Layin’ Low’ featuring Jooyoung, alongside its music video. The captivating video treatment features scenes of the vocalist strutting along the hallways of a mansion, filled with with gold and white […]

Millennials vs. Gen Z: How Are They Different? They may all look young, but Millennials and Gen Z don’t respond to marketing campaigns the same way. Learn how Millennials vs. Gen Z shop and buy differently.   For marketers and business owners, understanding the nuances and personality quirks of each generation is part of the […]

What is ‘fluid bonding’? Intimate sex act is growing in popularity “Fluid bonding” is a sexual practice gaining much media attention. publications are now reporting on the randy activity, which refers to far more than simply forgoing a condom during sex. “Usually, unprotected sex is just a sort of casual, barrier-less erotic experience without communication and […]

Let’s Take a Walk Down Memory Lane With These Long Lost One-Hit Wonders of the 2000s, Shall We? Still trying to erase Baha Men’s “Who Let the Dogs Out” from my memory. 😪 RAYDENE HANSEN Say whatever the hell you want about the 2000s—they were a mess, everyone lacked a fashion sense, the frosty makeup […]

A  TOPCHARTSHOW tribute giving to all the greatest artists and pop stars  We are enlisting world’s most renowned and most popular music icons who lead the world on spreading positive energies and soul refreshing songs. to name a few scroll down the page and don’t forget to leave your comments. World’s Top Singers Whose Music […]

Only 21 albums in history have sold 1 million copies in a single week – here they all are Whitney Houston in 1993 and Taylor Swift in 2018. Eric Robert/Sygma/Kevin Mazur/TAS18 via Getty Images Nielsen Music started tracking point-of-sales data for music releases in 1991. In the 30 years since, only 21 albums have sold […]

Katy Perry Stars in Gap’s 2021 Holiday Campaign: ‘It’s a Bucket List Moment’ The pop star recorded her own version of the The Beatles’ iconic hit “All You Need Is Love” for Gap’s new holiday spot CREDIT: COURTESY GAP Katy Perry is feeling the love. Perry, 37, teamed with Gap for the brand’s All Together Now […]

Quien es realmente María José… (Majo): Sus raíces musicales vienen de quien? De donde, como iniciaste en el mundo artístico? Mi familia está llenita de música. Mi abuelo paterno en su juventud fue trompetista y barítono en el coro de su pueblo. Y mi mamá es amante folclor colombiano, lo que me ha motivado desde chiquita [...]
OLIVIA CASTRIOTA NYC POWERHOUSE How to define, someone that can´t be defined? hot to try to describe a voice that can´t be described? ..Powerful, Sweet,Strong,accurate, we know OLIVIA CASTRIOTA! 1) who is OC? A powerhouse badass vocalist with a touch of anxious tendencies. 2) How do you define your music? Powerful, Sultry, Honest, Relatable, Catchy [...]

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