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How to define, someone that can´t be defined? hot to try to describe a voice that can´t be described? ..Powerful, Sweet,Strong,accurate, we know OLIVIA CASTRIOTA!

1) who is OC?

A powerhouse badass vocalist with a touch of anxious tendencies.

2) How do you define your music?

Powerful, Sultry, Honest, Relatable, Catchy AF

3) 5 years ago, OC was….

Quitting her day job to pursue music full time, making her(My) first album with new friends and performing at Amateur Night at The Apollo for the first time ever!

4) 5 pop up questions

1-Fav Artist: I seriously cannot chose just one…. Voices I love: Joss Stone, Jessie J, Ed Sheeran, D’Angelo. I simple adore their voices.
2-Fav place: Barcelona
3-Fav food: Oat Milk Cortado from @BirchCoffee & anything that combines cheese and carbs
4-Fav dressing designer: I don’t have a fav… I love a jumpsuit and jeans and a tee
5-Fav Car: Nissan Versa… I had one years ago and it was my little baby!

5) 5 years from now OC will be…

Still be slaying whatever she’s doing

6) sexy or classic?

A mix of both

7) Role model that inspires you to keep it up!

My family, friends and boyfriend and lluviafm obviously!

8) Yankees or Mets, Jets or Giants?

I only watch sports to make my boyfriend happy, am a NYC girl, so my passion is all in with the city!

9) bio:

Olivia Castriota is a New York City based songwriter and powerhouse vocalist. Her music blends raspy rawness, smooth pop hooks and R&B swag, conjuring the likes of Bishop Briggs, Zara Larsson and Amy Winehouse. Growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania, Olivia began writing songs in elementary school about the boys who broke her heart. Today, her lyrics are more personal and reflective as she tackles the complexities of the heart. “Feelings are my favorite and I love, love. The weird part is, I rarely write actual “love” songs but the second things go south, I have no problem writing an entire album about it. I love a cry your eyes out heartbreak song as much as I love a badass anthem,” says Olivia.

10) Stats

zodiacal sign: Cancer
Born 1990

Even at hard times, she delivers a message…

11)Kills Me & What Do You Stand For have both charted as independent artist in Lluviafm streamed in 160 countries and listened by 1.4 million listeners in 38 radio station how do you feel about this?

Wooooo!!!!! So proud and honored to be part of the Lluviafm family!

All Info and pictures belong to Olivia Castriota and are exposed only for the purpose to promote her music & art.

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