Meet ADORA: The Former Big Hit Producer Who’s About To Make Her Solo Debut

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Meet ADORA: The Former Big Hit Producer Who’s About To Make Her Solo Debut

She’s finally debuting as a singer!

If you’re a fan of BTS or TXT, odds are you’ve heard ADORA‘s work before, even if you didn’t know it! The former in-house producer for Big Hit Music contributed to numerous songs by both groups, including Suga‘s solo song “Seesaw,” BTS’s “134340,” and TXT’s “Our Summer.” Now after years of being behind the scenes, Adora is ready to make her debut as a singer!


ADORA. | @dora._.a/Instagram

ADORA, or Park Soo Hyun, was born on September 25, 1997, and just celebrated her 24th (25th in Korean age) birthday recently.




She has always been a music lover and grew up a fan of Highlight (formerly known as BEAST). She even made a song ten years ago dedicated to the group, which she revealed in a recent interview.


dingo music/YouTube 

Her computer is full of dozens of unreleased original songs and covers. A bunch of them are from when she was just 15 years old!

dingo music/YouTube 


Though ADORA got embarrassed while listening to her old stuff, the fact that she started studying how to produce music in 2010 when she was only 13 years old is super impressive.

dingo music/YouTube 


ADORA was a trainee under Music K Entertainment and was originally set to debut as a member of The Ark in 2015, but ended up not debuting with them.


Instead, ADORA was recruited by HYBE (formerly known as Big Hit Entertainment) through their 2016 “Next New Creator” audition. Her first official release with the company was a track on BTS’s 2016 album Wings titled “Interlude: Wings.” ADORA is credited as a songwriter!




ADORA then went on to help produce and compose multiple songs for BTS and TXT, including solo projects like J-Hope‘s “Blue Side” and RM‘s “Forever Rain.”




has also worked with ADORA in writing and creating the guide for songs like an unreleased Christmas song. Though V originally hoped to sing it with Jimin, he revealed that a producer discouraged him from doing so. However, V and Jimin later were able to release their song “Friends” which ADORA contributed to as a songwriter!


V from BTS speaking about ADORA recording guide vocals for him. | BTS/VLIVE 


Over five years after joining Big Hit, ADORA has signed to a new label: AURA Entertainment, a newly established company. They reportedly released a statement regarding ADORA’s upcoming debut.

We have signed an exclusive contract with the artist ADORA. ADORA, who has received a lot of attention and love as a composer and producer, is preparing to write her story as an artist. We ask for your interest and love for the artist Adora’s activities, which are about to begin.

– AURA Entertainment



She’s expected to make her solo debut this November, and we can’t wait to hear a full project from her!

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