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Shaton born (Shaquille Farrington) is an independent singer/ songwriter from the sunny isles of The Bahamas. He began creating music in 2013 and has since produced 3 iTunes top 10, ILLUMI-Nation (2015), Shaton’s Lyric (2016), Boy Problems (2020) albums which were all packed with songs that aided him in earning the love of fans all around the world.

Throughout his 7 years creating music he’s managed to earn 12 Top 40 records across various music charts around the world and 4 #1 records and amassing nearly half a million streams independently. He has performed on stages in the fashion world, for charity, and international venues in Chicago and in Atlanta.

His records span across various genres and each song has its own story and feeling making the music relatable for anyone to listen to from all walks of life. His musical inspirations are pulled from artists that bring a sound as unique as his such as Santigold, Rihanna, Mariah The Scientist, Kanye West, Solange, Azealia Banks, Dawn Richard and more. Three projects in and nowhere near stopping it’s safe to say Shaton has a lot to write about and will be around for a long time, follow along check out his music on all streaming platforms and social platforms.



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