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Trevan… a new ray of light in music!

by E & Laura Pitazzio

Today we get fresh, we get to the story of a singer.

We know, you have read this line a million times, but somehow with every singer,every story is different.

E was, in his own words, surfing the web ( he still says that), looking for inspiration to write one of his thousand of Poems/songs for Indie artist & came across this new face, thanks to Ieva Georges, who wrote a line on IG and told him about “TREVAN”, he calls Laura and both searched, the man is good as in CAPITAL G Good! they both say, and so like good person they both are, share it with station programming people Mary Ann Dixie & Nancy Quevedo, they enter the room, saying, Ok Grandpa, what you got for us, and the went out “Crying there eyes out” You all will be in for a treat,it´s a new ray of light it´s TREVAN Brand New Start!

In his words,Who Is Trevan?

 I’m a singer-songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, actor, and entrepreneur from Los Angeles, California! My dad was a musician and I was actually born to one of his songs playing in the delivery room. My mom was a lover of music and had exquisite taste and between both of my parents, I inherited a wide spectrum of musical influences and stylistic tastes.
If you were to scope my catalog, you’d notice that each album I’ve released has a wide range of stylistic influences in them and some sound completely different from eachother. I always liked to imagine that my albums were like movies and I’d sculpt the sound and style and even my voice to fit whatever feeling, style, or emotion I was trying to capture and convey.
I hope one day to make movies for all of my albums and incorporate a range of different stories (both from my own life or stories I’ve always dreamed of telling), use my own songs as the score and soundtrack, and of course be the starring actor.

Brand New Start is my most recent album that I recorded with Mikal Blue and Dalton Cyr at Revolver Recordings in Thousand Oaks, California.
This album was born after one of the most frightening and traumatic experiences of my life; where I fell almost two stories. In the process of healing from that experience, being in a body cast and wheelchair, I felt incredibly fragile and found myself craving and wanting more lighthearted, almost childlike things. I wanted to spend more time with my mom and watch movies like Legally Blonde, Muppet Treasure Island, or other rom com classics. I wanted to listen to nostalgic music and songs from artists like John Mayer, Third Eye Blind, Jack Johnson, and others that felt gentler or softer than a lot of what I might have been listening to or influenced by prior to my fall.
The more I healed from the accident, I started gigging again and being hired to perform as a solo singer-guitarist; as I had been doing the previous five years. But I realized, I hadn’t created an album yet that captured the feeling I got when I played in that space. When I played songs that fit those kinds of environments and I wanted to make an album that could do that. So by the summer of 2021, I started gathering up the songs and ideas I had that I felt could fit that album.
I was also realizing that I didn’t want to self-produce this album, as I had done for almost all of my previous projects. And I knew I wanted to do the project with Mikal Blue; who had been a friend and mentor since we met in 2019.
For me, Brand New Start was all about both wanting to honor that innocent wholesome part of myself, capture it in a way that felt organic and nostalgic, and do it in a way that involved receiving help and guidance from people I trusted; like Mikal Blue and Dalton Cyr.
It was also about feeling like I had been given a second chance after my accident.
When we had already been in the proces of recording the album, my mom and I sat together listening to some of the rough recordings and I told her I was having a hard time thinking of what the album should be called.
It was my mom who said “what about Brand New Start? This album is kind of like a brand new start for you and it’s such a powerful song on the album.” My mom also chose the album cover photo and helped me put it together.
I pray Brand New Start could be the album that opens the door to a bigger world stage for me as an artist; and it looks like it already has even with the single, ‘Cry Your Eyes Out’ that Lluvia has been kind enough to champion and give airtime!

Love or gigs? Gigs or love?
I’m not entirely sure what this means but I will admit that I have always been a workaholic and my career and pursuit of success in music has always trumped romantic relationships. I do hope that the time will come and the right person will come that I can share a romantic relationship with; I even wrote about it in my song ‘Love of My Life’ on my Brand New Start album.
But for now, gigs all the way. I still want to experience the opportunity to tour with a band backing me and keep building my foundation with licensing and song placements so that whenever that right romantic partner comes along, I’ll feel solid in myself, my finances, and my career.

Future… how do you see it?
When I’m feeling my best, the future seems so so bright. I see myself touring the world and opening up for artists I love and am inspired by. It’s definitely a dream of mine to open for Taylor Swift, as well as John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Third Eye Blind, Ed Sheeran, Jack Johnson, Train, Matchbox Twenty, 311, Incubus, and countless others.
I also see myself having a ton of songs from my back catalog cut by major artists, getting more placements in commercials, film and tv.
I’ve always dreamed of starting my own record label and publishing company where I would sign other artists, songwriters, and producers.
I want to act and make movies.
I want to do a lot of stuff with schools and for kids.
And hopefully, more than anything, truly find a space within myself where I feel safe, secure, to be able to eliminate that fear of financial instability and also be able to pour out for my mom, dad, and the rest of my family. That has always been a dream of mine.
You can listen to his new song ” Cry Your Eyes Out” at Lluviafm
Also in major music delivery systems:


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