Faces in the Crowd :Phoenix Lyndon

Escrito por el 27/02/2021

Sometimes in this world you see talent and go wow!

that´s what we sense in Lyndon Phoenix

We search in social media, facebook, Instagram & Tik Tok , we search talent, look for voices that range from Pop-Rock to Country & Soul, many around the world are making good music, good tunes, great vocals but we hardly look at Rap, yes we hardly do, there is to many outhere in the ways of  Pitbull- Chance the Rapper-Wisin-Bad Bunny or most recently Rauw Alejandro.

Hip hop music, also known as rap music, is a genre of popular music developed in the United States by inner-city African Americans and Latino Americans in the Bronx borough of New York City in the 1970s. Nowadays Rap goes to everyone!  & Every color…Eminem, do you agree? Crazy Town, so whats new about the good old Rap, that stylized rhythmic music that commonly accompanies rapping, a rhythmic and rhyming speech that is chanted. Well in a Nutshell sometimes happens, Phoenix Lyndon with Heart! with that je ne sais pas que and all heart expression that delivers that reason that started in the 1970s as more than a claim but  feelings & emotions, we only have heard him in a collab with out premier artist Olivia Castriota´s Leaving you, so you all need to hear this, feel this or in words of the golden rap era, dig this! Phoenix is our face in the crowd!
We have all heard the mythological story of the phoenix- a bird that lives forever through a regenerative process of bursting into a ball of fire when it reaches old age. From the ashes of that combustion, new life is born, and the phoenix rises again. Although this bird’s story is a mythological tale, Lyndon Phoenix identifies significantly with the themes of rebirth and growth, which is the center of everything he does.
Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, Lyndon always felt a calling to perform. He studied theatre in college and grew up listening to all kinds of music, ranging from country to (of course, hip hop). Storytelling has always fascinated him, and his love of words motivated him to write. His life is an interesting one, to say the least- he grew up splitting his time between the inner city and the suburbs. Navigating both of those disparate lifestyles gives him poignant views on the dangers of street life, as well as the social anxiety of not fitting in. He’s spent over a decade serving in the military, which came with its challenges. These perspectives are the foundation of his creativity- pain, loss, success, and growth are some of the many themes that appear in his music.
“My pain must have a purpose,” he says. He believes that his purpose is to grow and develop himself to reach his highest potential to help others do the same one day. “People will tell you to grow up but never give you the steps. I want my life to be the instruction manual, and I give you the instructions in my music.”
Living out his purpose doesn’t stop with just the music, though. Lyndon is the creator and host of the video advice column Your Big Brother, available exclusively on IGTV. He also breaks into the YouTube scene with a fitness channel called The Strength Stoic, where he gives out fitness tips interwoven with philosophy principles. Lastly, Lyndon and his college friends are in the process of creating a podcast in which they share their ideas on life, love growth, and relationships. “I’m more than just a rapper or vlogger,” he chuckles. “I’m a content creator. I create, I educate, I entertain.”
Lyndon Phoenix is a powerful lyricist, loving father, and driven individual that wants everyone to ascend and become the best version of themselves. His latest album, Ashes, is set to debut in the spring of 2021. It’s his first entry into the music scene- but the lyricist promises there is more to come. “No matter what, I’m gonna create,” he says. “I just hope people get the message. Including myself.”
for more catch him on Instagram.
Original write in by Janice Quartey & E.
All Pics & Vids belong to Lyndon Phoenix and are
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