Jessica Sanchez, YOUR VOICE!

Escrito por el 13/05/2021

Jessica Sanchez, YOUR VOICE!

Jessica Sánchez is back and brings, “US” goes about what it feels like to be a part of the minority population,

overwhelmed, once forgotten,pushed or bullied.

But she screams, You all have a voice in “US”

The first finalist, from American Idol season 11, returns to the spotlight with a social theme,

but with a renewed sound, her blujays must be ecstatic,

that her beloved artist is renewed and offers this more adult and at the same time cooler format of her powerful voice,

this tiny but incredibly beautiful artist holds in Lluviafm the record with 17 consecutive weeks at #1 with “In your Hands”

Tonight with Neyo (her debut song) also managed to reach the top spot for  8 weeks.

If you want to see more of Jessica, we recommend you visit her social networks or her YouTube channel.

and to download her super cool music:

Written by E.

Posted by Lluviafm staff

All Pictures & Video belong to Jessica Sanchez and are displayed for the purpose of

promoting her music..


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