The 50th JUNO Awards: Everything you need to know about Canada’s big night in music The JUNO Awards are happening this evening, and here is everything you need to know about Canada’s biggest night in music. Celebrating its 50th year anniversary, the JUNO Awards will be taking place in various music venues throughout Canada, to […]

Are these the most common superstitions? It never hurts to have a little luck on your side, right? Even if you consider yourself a die-hard skeptic, you’ve probably indulged in an occasional good luck ritual of your own. They say superstitions are irrational beliefs in supernatural influences. But if most Canadians say they’re superstitious, does […]

Funniest parenting tweets of 2021 so far Why is being a parent so hard? If you are one, you know why. If you try to explain it to anyone else, you seem insane or inept. Thankfully, we have social media to help us vent and let the world know that even though parenting is seemingly […]

Jessica Sanchez, YOUR VOICE! Jessica Sánchez is back and brings, “US” goes about what it feels like to be a part of the minority population, overwhelmed, once forgotten,pushed or bullied. But she screams, You all have a voice in “US” The first finalist, from American Idol season 11, returns to the spotlight with a social […]

  Jencarlos Canela acaba de presentar la canción “Cosita linda”, a dúo con Pitbull, cubanoamericano y miamense como él. “Pitbull es un ícono de la música y, además, es mi hermano”, comentó, afectuoso y modesto, en sus redes sociales. El videoclip del rítmico “Cosita linda” ya se encuentra disponible en Youtube. Los populares artistas grabaron […]

American Idol Comeback: Ten Finalists from Last Season Battle to Join This Year’s Top 10   ABC Fan-favorites from Season 18 hit the “Idol” stage for the first time, thanks to Covid restrictions last year, to compete for one chance to join this season’s Top 10 — Plus, Harry Connick Jr. and Lauren Daigle perform. […]

Billie Eilish fue la encargada de dirigir el video (Twitter). Este año Billie Eilish ha estado muy activa, ya que ha sorprendido a sus fans con el anuncio de su segundo disco el cual llevará el nombre de Happier Than Ever del cual ya se han desprendido varios sencillos como “Therefore I Am” o “Your Power”. Ahora, la […]

  EXO head to space in futuristic video for ‘Don’t Fight The Feeling’ Featuring the return of members Lay, Xiumin and D.O   K-pop boyband EXO have returned with a sci-fi-inspired video for their new single, ‘Don’t Fight The Feeling’. READ MORE: Baekhyun – ‘Bambi’ mini-album review: smooth, sultry R&B that vividly explores all sides of love The […]

If there’s anything we love as much as Selena Quintanilla’s music, it’s her photos. Her style has always been well documented, through her imagery and her personality always shined through. Over Selena’s career, she’s been able to cultivate a fan base that is still very strong and always growing. So we decided to reach out […]

Sometimes in this world you see talent and go wow! that´s what we sense in Lyndon Phoenix We search in social media, facebook, Instagram & Tik Tok , we search talent, look for voices that range from Pop-Rock to Country & Soul, many around the world are making good music, good tunes, great vocals but […]

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