Lluvia del Desierto

Presented by E,G & Q


Weekdays 7:00 am 9:00 am

Morning Show

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Morning Show with #E,G & Q
Every morning is fun, every morning is upbeat,
every morning is YOUR MUSIC MORNING!.
E Is an excentric crazy wild morning Dj, no rules and says what´s on his mind about “EVERYTHING”!


La lluvia del Desierto is total madness, total energy, like a good cup of coffee early in the morning. E,G,Q are wild,funny,informative,upbeat,sentimental,cry babies,cheerleaders all at the same time so that you can wake up every morning with a smile on your face.

We give it all for the audience, and by that i mean all! Global Music, Games,Prizes,Indie Artist,Variety,Sports, music specials…we would be at this all day…

How do you start your morning? Like news? got em… Like Sports? got em….Gamesfor a chance to win a some bucks? got em need more to tune us in?

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